Didn’t your mother ever tell you, look but don’t touch?

Once apon a time in a land far, far away there was no copyright. That’s right, there were no rules about sharing (which we all know is stealing) someone else’s stuff.  And life was good, running around in the fields picking flowers, before going home and reading some Shakespeare that your neighbour said they wrote.
Then all of this peachiness stopped.
People got smart and realised, they actually WANTED credit for what they made.
Now thanks to Disney, (I only discovered a few weeks ago all of the underlying messages in their movies. Thanks for destroying my childhood), the length of copyright changed from 14 years after it was published to 70 years after the authors death.
If a child genius writes something better than Lord Of The Rings when they’re 7 that’s like forever before anyone gets to start parodying that.  WHAT WILL WE ALL DO UNTIL THEN????
Some of the thing that are under copyright are amazing. Everyone’s broken the law singing ‘Happy Birthday To You’. Criminal really, wishing someone a year closer to death.
But, then we have to think what about the people that make this content. They definitely deserve to get recognition right? The size of the financial risk put into these projects is beyond huge, i’m very sure that a return is fair. Take movies for example. How many of you all have a movie that makes you feel great.? Fore me it’s Matilda. There’s cake, a hero, mind control, bad-assery and epic quotes, ;such as this little gem:
Harry Wormwood: ‘A book? What do you want a book for?’
Matilda: ‘To read.’
Harry: ‘To read? Why would you want to read when you go the television set sitting right in front of you? There’s nothing you can’t from a book that you can’t get from a television faster.’
Who doesn’t love that? Danny DeVito directed and started in it, that’s another plus. What would of happened if he got no financial return from the film?
 Maybe the audience is just cheap, I mean think about it, if we created a great masterpiece wouldn’t we want recognition for it? The copyright laws maybe extreme in some circumstances but if you think about, would you really want no credit or money. Face it we’re uni students, quite possibly the cheapest people on the planet, and if we wrote Harry Potter, sung Baby or composed the soundtrack for Jaws we would want a piece of the cake.
And I’m sure with that type of money, it would be a cake covered in gold leaf.  But then again, if someone was able to parody my work like Potter Puppet Pals then that’s another story….

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