It’s OK, I’m having Diet Coke so I’ll have a burger

What are the interesting questions to ask about the role of media today?
Due to the media always evolving, it’s role has progressed greatly from an informer of current effects and an entertainment source outside our lives to something that is apart of our life. But due the media now being such an integrated part of our life there are several questions that must be asked.
  1. Is the huge amount of content covered by the media really needed?
Much like the advertisement ‘Using Your Brain’ for Neuroscience Research Australia, humanity can be quite stupid at times. The media covers these issues, and not usually ironically. Why? Celebrity culture is such a huge part of Western life that basically anything a celebrity (be it A through to D list) does is captured and then retold. Do we really need to know all of these things? Is it changing our lives for the better? No it’s not. Why is more air time not given to real people, heroes or issues that need to be addressed. As I’m typing this news outlets are reporting on Kim Kardashian having a blood facial. Where’s the news on the ordinary people donating blood to save lives?
  1. By how much does the media ‘illustrate’ what they report on?
It would be very naive to believe everything that is said in the media. Some accredited sources such as The Australian or The Times are reliable due to their reputation as leading news outlets. but other sources of media such as Reddit, Facebook and gossip magazines such as WHO magazine are more questionable. How far is the media willing to go to get people to read/purchase/tweet about/watch what they publish? Is content or circulation more important? How much do they believe that the public will blindly believe?
  1. Why are is there no limit for what people can post?
From personal experience of growing up in a small town I have seen first hand what damage the media can cause to people. For example, people posting status on Facebook which lead to fights the next day at school, sometimes involving parents coming  to confront students,. The media allows people to post whatever they wish. The lack of control and promotion of freedom allows so much to be said in such a fast and accessible way. But why is this happening?
The majority of the points in this post are about credibility within the media. Something that i find very interesting. Similarly to a rumour amongst people you know, you can never be fully aware of the truth unless you are told it from an accurate source. So how far will the media be willing to stretch the truth to get people to keep reading/following them? But also how far will the audience go in believing them?

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