Next stop, outer space

Why Hello there,

So 2nd week and we’re straight into the big stuff. Basically it is so long old analogue technology and hello you smart and sleek new fang dangle digital aged stuff. So what’s the go with al this change?
Basically the audience is changing so the technology has to. No point being stuck in the stone age still figuring out how to make a wheel edge smooth, this is the 21st century and up to date is the only way to be.
But this doesn’t come without a cost. The internet, interwebz, the only place to get information off, or whatever you like to call it is free. Now being uni students we all love free stuff. As do most people. Except for the industries that produce the content. Convergence is happening all around us and it’s going to be basically impossible to stop.
Take the example of the book vs. the internet. (Insert dramatic music)
Books have a huge finical investment prior to even being printed, they take time to edit, re-edit and re-edit again before a publisher will accept then (unless you’re J.K Rowling, then whatever you write is law), and then you have to get the numbers from selling them otherwise you won’t have another book published.
But, with the internet literally every single one o those aspects is free or takes less than half the time to do.  The internet is anonymous, fast and accessible to a wider variety of viewers. Image
The trajectories of convergence can make anyone a superstar. Take blogger Tvai Gevinson of fame. Here is a 16 year old who has been able to pursue her love of fashion and blogging to have a Wikipedia page, magazine, Rodarte muse, film career and a speaker for President Obama. How is that for trajectory?
Moving away from the ordinary ways of success and access to content, trajectories of convergence has allowed anyone to become famous. But it has also allowed society to become interlinked and information accessible to anyone.
After all knowledge is power.

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