Ops, I didn’t realise you were on a diet

It’s not my fault. Yeah, sure it’s not.
There are literally so many things that can be taken the wrong way. You send a text with a smiley face and next minute the guy you were using to copy maths answers off is your new BFF.  You say you like your friend’s mums weird tofu cake and you’re leaving their house with 5k.g of it, you watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre and go out and skin someone. Cause you know, that’s how things work.
WRONG. T.V is making us violent, fat, lazy, crazy, angry and serial killers apparently. Well, who is to blame for this? Us? We are after all the ones who create the content and consume it (no pun intended, apparently we’re already fat enough from screen time). What can possible be blamed for this apparent epidemic of playing Call Of Duty and then having to battle the internal urge to use a real gun? Well maybe there is no link. I mean, what could make someone into a killer, not T.V.
The ‘science’ behind the studies about the amount of violence a child will see in their formative years are not accurate, along with the same studies saying eating only lemons on Wednesday through to Thursday, pineapple juice every second day and LEAN MEAT ONLY on Friday nights will help you to lose weight.
So what we as the audience and society need to ask ourselves is, ‘What can we do with the information given us?’ Personally I believe that we need to take charge of the content and use all of the resources we have. Be proactive people and get out there and start to make a difference to your world!
Cause after all, apparently we’re all really fat.

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