You can choose if you want to, you can leave your friends behind…

Apple vs. Android. (Insert dramatic music here).
Even though there are bigger world problems, and other ways to judge a person, it all boils down to which one you use. It defines you as a person and you’re getting judged for it!
But social insecurities aside, this is all about locked appliances vs. generative platforms.
Apple is the brand that has redefined the use of convergence technology. Even though the first Smartphone back in 1983 wasn’t Apple, the brand has become the icon for the newest and most up-to-date technologies. Apple was first on the market and thus has refined it. The brand of ‘Apple’ has certain conations that come with it, meaning the consumers allow the power that Apple has over them to dictate what they can and can’t access on their chosen technology, especially the iPhone. The word ‘App’ is copyrighted by Apple, every ‘App’ in the ‘App Store’ is pre-apporved by Apple before it becomes available to download. The content used on iPhones is massively monitored by the company producing the good. A monopoly is allowed due to Apple being the only producers of the iPhone, therefore the consumer is willing to pay any price to access the good, being the iPhone.
iPhone’s advertisement, sleek and sophisticated
But then comes along the wild and rebellious cousin, Android.  The favoured black sheep of the family, Android is an ever growing generative platform. Users are able to create their own applications and access a much wider variety of content. Unlike Apple, Android operates land is created by more than one company Samsung being the biggest of these. The battle between Apple and Samsung is continuous and never ending. One company is always suing the other over something small. Such as is illustrated below:
It is quite easy to say you love one and hate the other. Personally, I use both. I love my Android phone equally as I love my Mac. Making me choose between the two wouldn’t be happening. But in saying that, free and open vs. a controlled and monitored seems like the choice would be easy, right? Well , then you take a look at mobile phones as media content platforms where the users are always connected.
So really, we’re still connected. You just get to choose how controlled you really are.
Someone might be looking for a new job…

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