I know what you searched last Thursday at 9.38p.m

Why does it matter who ‘controls’ the media?
Considering we use such a wide variety of media each day, who controls it should something we think about.
The media is the only way we get our information, on literally every topic, issue, interest and new meme. So if it’s not correct whose to say we aren’t being lead on? For all we know it could be snowing at Alice Springs, Anna Wintor might not be able to dress and the Queen may swear like a sailor.
Should the media be able to be controlled by a few like it is now, or should it be monitored by a wider audience? 
The God that is Google are ones that control nearly all of us. Ever wondered how you get onto the first page of Google? Money, popularity, luck? No Google decides the first thing that you see and the order of everything going down that page. In a way Google is deciding what information is deemed to be the most relevant and useful to the question. It really begs the question why are a select few in charge of deciding that’s what we should know? 
But if the audience decides that the control should be wider and not as select, who should then decide what we see? If it is left up to personal preference of what is given to use, how is that content managed? Google is useful as it filters millions and millions of pages down to the one that ail give you the answer at 2 a.m for a paper dues at 7 a.m that morning.
The audience needs to be aware that what they are seeing isn’t always what is best for them.
For me Mark Zukerburg is one that controls a site that I use daily. Facebook’s timeline layout changes ever other day, but what is really interesting is the advertisements that are used around the outside of your personal content. While your interacting with friends, you could be also looking at handbags, the Commonwealth Bank’s newest rates and singles living in your area ready to meet you.
So, why is the decision for the many decided by a few? In the short term it makes life incredibly easy as what information you reticence from a Google search is going to be accepted as everyone else also got the same results. But in the long term could it all just be a scam? Could we the audience be manipulated right now?
It is all up to you the user to filter your own content and get information from a variety of sources to put your own story together, after all it might just be what ‘they’ want.
Both images via 9gag.com

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