I really have no idea what to say

This reflection of what I’ve learn the past 6 weeks has been the hardest thing to write. This is about the 7th different opening I’ve tried, so we’re just going to run with this one!
I came into Communications and Media Studies with an idea that a lot of content that we view/read/watch/tweet about is manipulated into what ‘they’ want us to see. What I didn’t know was who that exactly was and if there was any other reasoning for it apart from profit gain. I’ve had those questions answered and so many more have been answered and asked.
‘T.V Makes You Fat’ was a lecture that slammed the ‘scientific’ reports that violent media content makes the player/viewer violent. We went through cases played out within the media and how non of the perpetrators had links to violent content. Martin Bryant’s favourite movie was The Sound of Music, not the numerous videos of violent pornography that was reported. What I walked away from that lecture was that the media does have effects on us; that’s undeniable considering how big a role it plays within our lives; but we can choose how it effects us.
Next up was ‘The Image Cannot Lie’. I learnt about how big a role the underlying message, or the connotation plays in looking at an image. We looked at how advertisements use the image that you see initially (the denotation) and then the underlying one (the connotation). The manipulation and depiction of images within the media makes our subconscious realise what we actually see when we view an image and also the ideology that we get that an image should be a certain way. The blog post I wrote about this topic is the one I’m most proud of. I found controversial ads which got a reaction and by this stage I kinda had a hang of this whole blogging thing.
‘Information Just want to be Free’ was next. This lecture answered a question that I previously stated, is there another reason beside profit for media control and censorship? Well I learnt if you are a Murdoch then the answer is no. Profit appears to be the one thing that all media creator are after. The truth and reliability are also up on the list, but profit helps them to reach those goals. The Australian media landscape is controlled by a few heavyweight such as Rupert Murdoch and Kerry Stokes, with Gina Rinehart trying to also get into the highflying media club.
Then came ‘Big Brother is Watching You’. After watching some hilarious Youtube clips of highlights of Big Brother, we got down to the public sphere. A place where citizens can discuss the common concerns of the day. This week linked back to the week before with what goes on in the public sphere can be regulated by those who own the media.  Excluding the T.V show Big Brother though. I had always held a grudge against that show. Because it seemed trivial to watch publicised bogans flirt, but mostly because I still held a grudge that I wasn’t allowed to watch it as a kid. But I was shown that BB actually helped change Australia’s attitudes amongst issues not regularly covered within the Australian media. Such as sexual identity and behaviours, cultural differences and ageism.
Then we had a lecture which was both strangely creepy and reassuring. ‘Surveillance’ was the the topic covered and with it some very interesting points arose. Such as what happens to all the footage of you that accumulates over your life? And who had access to that? This week was the most eye-opening as it made me actually look up and see all the cameras pointing at me. That was quite confronting.
Overall I’ve learnt a lot from Introduction to Communication and Media Studies. Such as the edit button is the most important button on the planet, TAG posts, the media plays a bigger role in our lives than we could know and that we are in control of  how we react to the masses and masses of content thrown at us each day. I now know that I wish to keep doing this kind of thing and that I didn’t make a bad decision due to my procrastination about my future!
i’ve learnt that word limits count (totally gone over in this post) and that the internet is full of some wild things. So here are some favourites that i have come across while blogging.
And to finish off with a majestic pun…….

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