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The idea for the majority of todays entertainment has been sourced from somewhere else. Practically the idea for anything has been thought of by someone else. The human mind is an amazing thing, but the creative has limits.
Remixes can be made of any form of entertainment, but the most popular are music and movies.
The term ‘remix’ became popular in the 1970s after music beta to be changed and altered, A.K.A ‘remixed’.
Pick any of your favourite songs and chances are they have either been remixed or they contain a sequence of notes that are from another song.
Scratch Hip-Hop artists started to produce their sound for several reasons. Firstly they didn’t want to just be listeners. Remixes allows the audience to be producers and consumers. Secondly, music is expressive, and so remixes are a technology for expression. And thirdly, remixes are not selective. There is user interaction which makes them both popular to the audience and more expansive.
So remixes seem like a pretty good deal right? Apart from giving us a wider range of content to enjoy and interact with, why else should we care about them? What is in them for us? Détournement is a  term to describing the changing direction of something. Remixes can alter the way in which we look at something. Take the Youtube hit, Edward vs. Buffy. The video alters the perception of Edward. In the remix he isn’t the super being that he commonly portrays, instead he plays second fiddle to a female. As the video Everything is a Remix  2 says ‘Transforming the old into the new is Hollywood’s greatest talent.’ 
It is all fair within Hollywood for stories, plots, ideas and songs to be shared, spoofed, tweaked and of course remixed, but for people in the ordinary world using a material not their own without permission is considered a crime. It is very understandable to want credit for your work, but removing a Youtube video for example that has gotten millions of views is kinda ridlicious in the grand scheme of things when the money artists get will do more than cover the island they just purchased.

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