Go Kill Yourself

I literally can not comprehend why people call others out from behind their computer screens. 
Does it make you a better person? Do you get recognition? What do you gain? What is the rush you get from telling someone they need to die or need to be raped feel like? 
Your online identity is very powerful. You can be completely anonymous and make any comments you like without having to see the effects of your words. Woman are the most likely to be targeted online with vicious comments. They’re more likely to be threatened with sexual violence then men who are threaten with physical violence. I don’t know why this strange occurrence happens, female presence online makes a small minority of men uncomfortable. What’s the go with that? Woman are majestic creatures, if it wasn’t for them men would even be here, and I’m sure for all the haters out there, interacting with woman online must be the only time they do that. So why talk to them like they don’t matter?
A person who writes comments like these is known as an internet troll. They target people with comments regarding race, gender, sexual orientation, spelling, gaming ability and anything they don’t particularly like. Now I’m sure we’ve all seen something we don’t particularly like online and wanted to call someone a moron for it, but where is the line drawn for being honest and for being mean? When is it appropriate to make ‘Your Mum’ jokes? 
Keyboard Warrior vs. The Troll
Does calling out a troll make you a troll yourself? The website theantibogan.wordpress.com calls out people who make severe racist, homophobic and sexist comments on Twitter, Facebook and in the comments sections of anything readily available. While scrolling through the site I was amazed at what people were willing to say, what amazed me even more were the comments that weren’t made anonymously. The Twitter hashtag #ToMyUnbornChild used by hundreds of hopefully not to be future parents promising their unborn child that they would kill them if they were to be gay. The internet is an amazing thing, why use it for that? But then again, I read a hundred or so Tweets with that hashtag and noticed most of them weren’t grammatically correct, nor did they understand what Twitter is for. So there is some hope. 
#ToMyUnbornChild is directed towards people that don’t exist yet, but what about comments made to people that do. It appears to be online the amount of people that are directly homophobic is mind-blowing. Once again on theantibogan, there is an entire section devoted to homophobia alone. On Twitter there are hashtags about hating, the amount of Facebook pages are huge and there are hundred of blogs promoting the word of ‘God’ and demoralising gays. 
So what will stop the troll? How many people will need to commit suicide before people realise that words do hurt. Even though most of the comments online are written by sad and lonely men in their mothers basements, what they say sadly still has an effect. 
I say to stop the trolls call them out and let them say what they want. But with the attention they deserve. 

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