The World shall now end with a Bang

Blogging and Tweeting each week have been something so different and new for myself. I have learnt so much about the world of media and wouldn’t change a thing. Sure my blog posts started off a bit rusty (read: very), but along the way I’ve gotten better (I hope) and realised how much talent there is on the internet. No longer is it just for cat GIFs for enjoyment, reading others blogs, following a trend on Twitter and interacting by giving and receiving feedback from others are all now additions to my internet doings.
While blogging I have written some favourite and not so favourite posts. Depending on how well I understood the topic and how much I enjoyed it depended on how much I blogged about it. Some weeks I had ideas forming in my mind before I even walked out of the lecture and I just HAD TO share what I learnt with my friends, while other weeks I was a bit ‘Erm….. what do I have to say on that?’
My post ‘You can choose if you want to, you can leave your friends behind…’ was one I really enjoyed writing. Firstly because I understood what I learnt about (always a plus), and also it made me question why we purchase particular brands and stay loyal to them.
Writing ‘Did you Hear’ I got to put a Ron Burgundy clip in at the end, but that wasn’t even my favourite part because I realised that anyone, even myself, has the power to change the world through citizen journalism. Having access to a variety of platforms to communicate my message and views on anything is a pretty powerful thing to do, and is the new way of informing.
Lastly my post ‘Go Kill Yourself’ took me several attempts to write. Mainly because I became very passionate about the topic while learning about it, but also due to my first attempt being some what of a rant. After learning about all the beneficial and empowering things you can do on the internet and seeing them occur, it amazed me that people can hide behind their computers and use their power as citizens and participators of the Web 2.0 in a negative way. I just left high school, I know how dumb people can be online, but I did have higher expectations for the adult world.
Overall, blogging as been something I’ve really enjoyed. It’s new, it’s different and it’s something I definitely want to keep doing. Seeing in my stats that people from all over the world read what I write is pretty cool considering I started with no idea.
 But that’s the beauty of the internet, you can be whoever you want. 

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