Riding Into Battle

What really do we know about other cultures?
We know of what we see on the 6 o’clock news, what we read in newspapers and what ever particular picture displaying Russian President Putin riding a bear appears in your newsfeed.
President Putin
President Putin
But is this an accurate representation? I’m going to say for the sake of the Russian people, the answer is no.
The emergency of new  Media Capitals has meant that the informing of differences around the world is greater. It means that hopefully the clash of civilisations won’t occur.
The Clash of Civilisations occurs when culture becomes the main reason for world conflict. Not governments, but people celebrating and defending the very aspects of their life that makes them different and unique to everyone else, being the reason for conflict. Culture is always described as such a warm term. Culture defines who we are as a person.
There is a particular lack of cultural misunderstanding between the East and West. Neo-Orientalism has continued on from Orientalism in the sense that people from the East are viewed particularly by Westerners as being ‘mysterious’ and ‘exotic’. Also Eastern men were considered to be less hyper masculine by their Western counterparts.
So what’s this all got to do with the media today? Well Media Capitals are breaking down these stereotypes, but they are also reinforcing them. Take the attacks on Indian students in Melbourne. The attacks received very little media attention at first, but after the huge amount of attention they received in India, the Australia press took notice.
Always to take the heat off, the finger was then pointed at the Indian media for being too ‘Bollywood-esque’ and ‘exaggerating’ the attacks. With many more news channels than Australia, the Indian media was accused of also ‘following’ the pack, (“Orientalising the Emerging Media Capitals: The Age on Indian T.V’s ‘Hysteria’ “, Sukhmani Khorana)

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