The News, LOL jks

The news is a combination of what we wish to hear, what we should know and what is wanted of us to know.
There are several aspects that are combined to create a news story. What we have to ask ourselves as the audience is how much of this is correct publishing, and how much of it is a product boxed up for your consumption.
By the time a news story is publicised to its audience it has gone through a series of selections to become what news organisations think we would like to know. ‘Priority is still determined by pre-existing news agenda and modes of operation’, as described in “News Values: An Assessment of News Priorities Through a Comparative analysis of Arab Spring Anniversary Coverage.” In a way the news has become what we subconsciously wish to know. ‘Bad’ news will alway triumph over ‘good’ news. People’s fascination with the morbid and horrible side of humanity will always the the top stories alone along with local content. Then there will be some sport, year 3 level of understanding economics, the weather lady in a tight dress and finally a funny, light hearted story on a cute animal or celebrity appearance at a local landmark.
The news is becoming less about the news and more about what all grab people’s attention.  But regardless of what is presented to us, people will always have their own opinions shaped by their own life experiences. So we can as an audience be subjected and influenced by the news, but with our own opinions already solidly in our psyche, the news is simply an extension of our understanding of the world.
The news contains certain aspects to make people want to watch it though. these are called news values.
The values of a news story have to contain at least one of the following to make the editor’s cut:
  1. Cultural Proximity
  2. Relevance
  3. Rarity
  4. Continuity
  5. Elite References
  6. Negativity
  7. Composition
  8. Personalisation
For the news to be actually described as news worthy it must contain at least one of the above values and be considered to be interesting enough for a wide audience with different values and beliefs.
Even though it is packaged to be a certain way, the news is still informative and eye-opening as its main goal is to inform and shock.

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