I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

Global warming, something we’ve all heard of a million times. But is it true, or it is simply another hyped up story the media wishes us to hear?
I personally say global warming is real, but then again that decision is from my point of view which has been shaped by the media and my own beliefs.
Global warming maybe be a local or global issue to yourself, depending largely on where you live. But it can’t be denied that something is having effects on the Earth’s climate. The reporting on this issue is either very for or against it. There is barley any room for “Hmmm, maybe there’s some warming, but then again….” Want to explain the sinking island, heat waves in Summer, decade long droughts, hurricane in up-state New York or the warmest Winter Canberra’s ever had? (You know things are serious when Canberra gets a hot Winter.)
The unfortunate thing about global warming is that within the mainstream media so called “experts” are the ones reporting on it.  It appears that scientific reports (if they can be described as that) are biased account of what the public wish or should hear.
What will it take for real scientists with the actual facts to be noticed. Why are the people whose actual job and knowledge on the subject ignored? Like actually why?
There is the debate within the media that global warming is represented equally as 50/50. Quite frankly that is rubbish. In the article “Journalism ethics and climate change reporting in  period of intense media uncertainty”, Bud Ward goes on to describe the SPJ Code of Ethics which entails a journalist to ‘give voice to the voiceless’. I believe this is most important within the issue of global warming. Who is going to speak for the little penguins and polar bears?
A journalist must ‘act independently’ to give the best possible writing that they could. So what degree is it being reported to, and more importantly why is climate change still debatable? Why is it not just accept that this is a real issue, and a stark one at that. Reality needs to be set in for the public to change.
The Young Turks give a pretty good explanation to this:

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