Guess Who’s Back

My name is Gabbi and I’m a second year student at UOW gaining a degree in Arts and Communications and Media Studies. My majors will be Sociology and Digital and International Media, I’m praying I’ll graduate on time as 4.5 years is long enough.
I have not blogged this year, but I did at least once a week last year. So hopefully from doing BCM240 I’ll get back into the swing of things quickly. Like how to get a GIF to work and being able to use spell check.
My media habits are that of a typical uni student. I spend a fair bit of time online, and recently Instagram has overtaken my life. I used to hate hashtags but now I love them and I really wish there was more bad reality T.V. And I am not ashamed to say that. Every Wednesday we should all wear pink, and The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and of course Game of Thrones are something I watch on repeat.
My media space picture depicts my current habits. Usually each night whether I’m on campus or when at home I’ll have my laptop and phone with me while interacting with people in the room and online. My friends and I will sit next to each other doing our own thing, something I came across to be described as “parallel play”, an activity that little children do… (maturity levels are high here). Basically it involves doing your own thing while being near someone else to remind you that there’s others about. The comforting bit of that is when a friend finds are really good picture of a cat to show you.
So I’d call myself connected, but to more than just the people I’m physically with in real time. My media habits are shaping who I am, making me both more social and less at the same time.  Of course I use the logical reasoning that it’s all study for uni. So with studying BCM240 this semester I should expand my knowledge even further on Media, Audience and Place and hopefully keep you guys entertained.

One thought on “Guess Who’s Back

  1. Just searched the tag ‘uni student’ and your blog came up – I’m in 3rd year of Communication and Media at UOW too, studying Journalism & International Comms. The blogging world really is a small one! All the best with BCM240, it’s a fun one! x

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