Ermahgerd you liked that?!?!?!

Everyones reaction ever when they open Facebook
Everyones reaction ever when they open Facebook

Technology is a wonderful and terribly frustrating thing at the same time. When it’s working for you it’s all happy days, and when it’s not, well let’s just say the vocabulary of anyone in close proximity is expanded. Due to people’s increasing interactions with technology and the entertainment it gives us, it has to be measured to determine whether it is a success or flop (see above swears). When are person searches, posts, likes or re-Tweets something that they find to be of interest, advertisers quickly jump onto that and direct their products accordingly towards potential consumers

Logging onto the ever dying yet still addictive Facebook, and I’m fronted with a bunch of advertisements supposedly directed towards me. If I was to follow their advice I’d be using an Optus plan (wrong, Telstra only works on Campus), getting bigger eye lashes with Maybelline (I don’t wear mascara), attending Macquarie University open day (UOW and I just aren’t working anymore) and dating military singles in my area (erm, thanks I think…). So from these highly incorrect advertisements I wonder how much does technology know about me. 
I may be slightly paranoid but I don’t turn my location on on my phone, so you know the government will never be able to find me.  And I don’t have listed on Facebook any of my religious or political views or relationship status. 
Now back to the location on your phone. Earlier in the week I met up with some friends in Sydney to go out for lunch, one of them had a great place in mind and used Apple Maps (yes I know, we did walk in a circle before we found the place). Apart from the slight mishap of a extra walking being done, the location on her phone got us there to the burger place. Something that struck me before we went on our quest for food was my friend saying that “My phone is food“. On her Instagram the people she follows post a lot of photos of food and so that is a topic that comes up regularly for her. 
BTW everybody get to Chur Burger #shamlessadvertising
BTW everybody get to Chur Burger #shamlessadvertising
Another wonderfully creepy thing Facebook has come back to is their core value of stalking. But this time your friends can find out exactly where you are on a map and walk towards you. So much easier to now find the person in real life that you were stalking online. Although the reassuring thing for those out there who are afraid of creepers you have to select to share your location with another person. 
It could be asked are advertisers the creepy stalker who has access to all of your information? There are no limitations when it comes to what ads you receive as the information you thought to have been sacred is now not. But there are limits as to who can see what on your Facebook page. So what is worse? Having that annoying person from your class stalking you online, or having a company bombard you with advertisements about a product you’re not interested in all because they have access to everything you’ve ever done online
So from the analysis of my choice of not choosing to share very much personal information, to my friend who does, the advertisements directed towards us differ. The audience’s participation really does ensure who gets directed towards them. For myself I choose not to have my whole life displayed online, while other people are happy to share more of their personal information. And in turn probably get better ads directed towards them.  
TTYL, if I’m following advertismentsI better go pack my bags for Macquarie where I’ll go meet up with my apparently available military boyfriend so I can bat my Maybelline covered eyelashes at hime while texting all my friends back here in Wollongong through Optus. 
How I feel now that I'm following the advice of advertisers
How I feel now that I’m following the advice of advertisers

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