“If I were seeing things I’d be seeing something cool”

Going to the movies is still something I find to be terribly exciting. The atmosphere of sitting in a huge dark room filled with people who are strangers, yet are also there because they want to experience the same thing as you is something that is special in today’s society. People’s phones are put away, and all eyes are directed towards what is on screen.
Planning things as I’ve gotten older has gotten progressively harder. Due to everyone’s commitments, it’s sometimes hard to find a time that suits everyone without something else having to be sacrificed.
There are three Human Restraints defined by Torsten Hagerstrand in relation to time and space (and planning to go to the movies). These are:
  1. Capability. Can I get there?
  2. Coupling. Can I get there at the right time?
  3. Authority. Am I allowed to be there?
I was very excited when this weeks blogging task involved going to the movies (#artsdegreeforlyf). The idea was played out in class and it just happened to be that I was sitting next to one of my friends who was also keen to see the same movie as I. So the actually planning begun!
Deciding on the time and place was relatively easy, as was which movie to see. The Inbetweeners 2 is something I’ve wanted to see since I knew it was first being made, so the chance to go see it with people who also share the same love of the series was too good to pass up.
There is absolutely zero sarcasm here
There is absolutely zero sarcasm here
A couple of months ago when the trailer for The Inbetweeners 2 came out I watched it and couldn’t wait to see the film. I went to the movies this week to watch it with my friend and my boyfriend. Now before the movie even began the laughter had started. Going to the movies with friends is always the best. You always end up being the group despised by everyone else in the theatre for the amount of noise made. This time it was due to my boyfriend pulling a deck of cards out of his pocket as he’s really into magic at the moment. It’s super cool.*
So once the magic tricks had been done. The trailers had started. What seemed like 75 years that had passed, the film began. Although *spoiler alert*, we thought we’d stumbled onto the 30th Harry Potter movie. Once that confusion of a bit cross dressing was cleared up, the film antics began. Due to me being a massive fan of the humour used in the film, I loved every minute of it.
I believe my experience though was enhanced by seeing it with two people who’s company I enjoy, some unexpected but delightful magic and the fact that despite being given assigned seats. WE HAD GOOD ONES!**
Now being 19/20 year olds it kind of would be presumed that instead of paying to see the movie, we would have downloaded it. As is the trend that is increasingly occurring in Australia. But there’s something about being at the movies that makes it special. That feeling of excitement along with the intense atmosphere is something that can’t be replicated at home. I don’t think that Australians will ever rule out going to the movies. Nothing can replace the “Big screen” experience. Whether movie ticket prices increase, there becomes greater restrictions on rules in theatres or the movies that demanded to be seen are not shown will all become deciding factors to what happens the cinemas in the country. Due to Australia being so isolated with what content available to them, when a popular title comes available, people are gong to see it. The movies are an experience that can’t really be re-created at home.
Neither can good magic really.
*I was told to put this in. It’s actually really awesome.
**Get in early and be specific with where you want to be seated.

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