How many distractions did this take?

I’m a girl, we’re biologically programmed to be the boss of multitasking right? Well I must be a crap female, as I can unfortunately not succeed successfully enough at this fine art form of disguised procrastination.

Multitasking + Procrastination at achieving anything
Multitasking + Procrastination’s response at achieving anything

I realised three things this week in class; 1. I can very badly multitask, A.K.A by sacrificing the most important things with the amount of attention I’m giving them. 2. I pay like zero attention to anything ever, and 3. I’m at least honest with this (really think of the money I’ll save from therapy).

While sitting in the lecture this week I found myself, eating, talking, drawing, and being on every form of social media even though I put my phone in my bag with the promise to myself that I would pay attention. It’s not because I found the lecture boring (it really wasn’t, it was just making me self conscious of what I was doing), I just have the complete inability to stay still or focus on one task for very long.

Very sadly I am not one of the 2% of the population that falls under the category of a super tasker, the select few who can multitask effectively and succeed at all tasks being undertaken at once. So far in writing this blog post I’ve gone on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Instagram, 9gag, Youtube, my phone, emails, eaten 5 strawberries, day dreamed out my window and looked at another subject’s slides. It’s not that I don’t want to concentrate, it’s that I can’t (and have zero self control). There is so much information available to me, so much stuff that needs to be seen, that my mind wonders and I can’t stay on topic without the desire to explore another. I find it difficult to watch T.V without doing anything. I drive my family mad at not being able to sit down in the ad breaks, going to the movies with me is a nightmare. I feel the need to be doing more than one thing at once, that would be wonderful if I was any good at that.

As I’ve shown multitasking is not very effective for me. But is it for other people? A study published by Time Business titled “Don’t Multitask: Your Brain Will Thank You” found that multitasking is not effective and can in the long term be harmful for your brain. Time also goes on the say that a French study found that when a person is doing two tasks at once, each side of their brain only focuses on one task. The human brain it was discovered can only focus on two tasks at once. So while you have 7 tabs open, the T.V going, three Facebook chats open, you’re texting your BFF over what’s happening on T.V all while interacting with the people around you and deciding what’s for dinner, you’re really only working on two of those tasks. The rest are not really happening. Researchers instead suggest 20 minute blocks for each task so concentration levels don’t dip and multitasking becomes the task at hand again.

In relation to myself when I’m living on Campus I tend to multitask more than when I’m at home with my family. Something that I always thought was normal, but was pointed out to me as maybe being not was by my Dad. My Mum, younger sister and I will happily sit in front of the T.V at night while interacting with our devices, each other and the T.V. Dad doesn’t do that, though he is a chronic channel surfer, so I think thats his form of multitasking with the T.V. Dad believes that we’re not all paying attention, while Mum especially feels she is. After having a job where she is multitasking all day, it’s her form of relaxation to choose how and what she interacts with. Maybe multitasking is effective when you’re not ‘supposed’ to be doing other things. It may be successful for leisure activities.

Ah since I last updated you all (this is very quickly turning into food diary), I’ve eaten chocolate, been tagged in a cat video, watched Jamie’s World and learnt some of the GTA5 map. But I’m now a total expert in multitasking and what I can get out of it. Which is not to really do it and instead focus on one thing.

Well anyway I have better go back to my two windows of tabs open, keep talking to two of my friends, listen to some music and eat some more brain food to help me study (by brain food I mean the chocolate not the strawberries).


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