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Me on holidays

Me on holidays

Writing a review of my blog is turning out to be more difficult than I’ve thought. I’ve spent the past 9 weeks explaining what I’ve learnt in class and how I’ve been able to adapt those things to specific examples in my own media consumption. So I thought this would be easier than what it is, but there’s been quiet a lot of content covered. All of it eye opening and informative, some of it scary, some of it hilarious. Studying Media, Audience and Place this semester has opened my eyes into just how much actual science goes into studying the audience. Along with discovering the most effective ways to gather an audience.

I’ve found that since starting my blog last year, my audience base has increased not just from peers following my blog, but also people from around the world who write blogs that has nothing to do with the content on mine. I find this extremely interesting as what intrigues someone enough to want to follow my uni blog?

After almost 2 years of on and off blogging, this will be my last post for this semester of uni (until next year of course, and the year after, and the year after that…).

Back at the start of my uni degree I was a a little overwhelmed by this whole having a blog on the internet type deal. I didn’t believe that people would ever read what I have to say, but surprisingly it has not just been my peers viewing my blog online. Never did I think that from blogging a couple of times a week would I now have an audience that expands across the world.  From the millions of blogs online I only choose to follow my peers, if I need to look at a blog not related to uni I locate them separately.

Having a blog for uni has allowed me to gain practical skills that I’ll be able to use in the work force once I graduate or for interning.

I’ve learnt how to link relatable information in, gain followers through using Twitter as a ground base and by commenting and following other blogs. I’ve also expanded my writing skills by being able to write in a way that suits a blog format. I believe having a less formal style of writing has increased the accessibility of my blog by expanding the audience reader base. I also find having a sense of humour while you write is preferable among readers as it makes things easy to understand and relate to.  I do feel though that sometimes my writing is too casual, especially in comparison to some of the other bloggers in my class. But then again, that is my style of writing.

Since starting my blog the layout has changed several times. I personally prefer having a clean and simple design with lots of white. While my header picture is one I took and then changed the tint on. Gaudy colours and lots of pictures are distracting to me so I keep the text black and the background white to allow the main focus to be on whatever images I choose to implement. Finding the right image or GIF can sometimes take longer than finding the best sources. But that’s what captures my eye with other people’s blogs, an image or video that looks interesting, that makes me want to read the words.

In a way I am very much writing for myself with my blog, as it’s a representation of me online that absolutely anyone can see, so I wish for it to represent myself accurately. My blog, as we were told from first semester first year, is a portfolio that can be shown to potential employees after I graduate. Looking back to over a year ago and how I blog has changed dramatically. I feel that I am much more comfortable writing online and have found my style.

For Media, Audience and Place there were two standout weeks for me, but for different reasons. The first week that stood out was where we learnt about the National Broadband Network. I enjoyed this week as I got to do a touch of journalism and interview my grandparents who were thoroughly enjoyable to talk to about the subject. But it also was frustrating to know that the NBN is going to  take practically forever to role out across Australia, especially in rural areas which need it the most. I addressed these concerns in my blog post for that week. The second week that I enjoyed a lot was where as homework we had to go to the movies. Now if that isn’t fun then I don’t know what is. Along with being the best homework ever, it was also extremely interring to learn and then see in person the physical disconnect/connect that comes from sitting in the theatre. A bit of an eye opener it was in relation to how people interact in social aspects.

Overall I have enjoyed blogging once again for this semester. I find it enriching to engage with an audience base that may not be regular, but it is still interesting to know that people are choosing to read what I write. I’m happy with how I’ve developed as a blogger. I know there is room for me to improve, but that will only come from practice and feedback. Technically I’ve gained many skills I previously did not have my greatest one I believe is being able to successfully put a moving GIF into a post! Oh and figuring out how to use WordPress some more. The old layout is the way to go though #oldskool.

Thank you to everyone that has read my blog over the semester and posted comments or liked posts, hopefully I’ll only get better!


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