What’s the cost of fine dining?

To the creator of 'Thug Kitchen'
To the creator of ‘Thug Kitchen’

The foodie culture and growth of the health and wellness industry and been huge. Social media as largely been able to spread the message of eating well. The only thing is, it’s mostly middle white people doing the talking. Having access to money and education allowing their health to be a main priority for themselves is a major advantage compared to poorer people. There is a gap in the market for people wanting to take care of their themselves but financially not being able to purchase 27 different exotic ingredients for a smoothie.

The American organisation Feeding America has noticed this social inequality and has decided to do something about it. Feeding America notes on their website, ‘When living on a limited or set budget, individuals and families struggling with hunger often resort to buying inexpensive foods. These tend to be higher in fat, sodium and sugar thus contributing to and even exacerbating other dietary concerns such as obesity, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. For children, the impact of poor diet extends even further, contributing to delayed cognitive developments, higher rates of hospitalisation, and psychosocial, behavioural, emotional and academic challenges.’ 

Combining with doctors, nurses, social workers and dietitians the organisation aids people successfully in turning their diet and in turn their lifestyle around. They know that it’s about having access and the right information to give people.

Meanwhile there is the other end of the spectrum, people who have notice a gap in the market and decided to take advantage of it. 

‘Thug Kitchen’

The ‘Thug Kitchen’ cook books are filled with food that speaks to another demographic. Those who aren’t interested in 10 day cleanses and no sugar, wheat, dairy, red meat diets.

People who want food that is affordable and easy to cook. The language and content that the cook book is filled with speaks to black culture, from that it could be assumed that the writers are black themselves. Except they aren’t. 

The writers of ‘Thug Kitchen’ noticed a hole in the market and took advantage of that. But in terms of helping socially disadvantaged people eat well like Feeding America aims to do, they instead mock and financially gain by pretending to be another culture. 

Black people has always been disadvantaged by white people, and ‘Thug Kitchen’ very untastefully shows that again. The book is even described by Gwyneth Paltrow as her ‘favourite thing ever’. This is most definitely not the audience that Feeding America speaks to.

Food may be a universal interest across all races, but a fair chance is yet to occur. 


-‘Thug Kitchen’ http://www.thugkitchen.com/  

-Feeding America http://www.feedingamerica.org/about-us/we-feed-families/nutrition-initiative/?referrer=https://www.google.com.au/


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