What does it mean to be a girl?


‘You fight like a girl’, ‘You hit like a girl’, ‘You run like a girl’.

When did being a girl become such an insult?

Being a young girl growing up in Western society can sometimes be difficult with the way society perceives and labels females. That is why the brand Always created the campaign #LikeAGirl to make young girls feel O.K about being one. Showing them that just because they are a girl, they can be powerful and strong too.

And why wouldn’t a young girl want to feel that way? They shouldn’t accept the limitations set to them, instead they should break them. According to Bell and Dittmar, negative body image for teenage girls comes from environmental pressure to achieve a certain level of beauty and and body shape ideals (2011). 

The Always campaign is a series of videos asking young people to do activities as a girl would. It is saddening to witness young girls believing that to run like a girl they need to be dainty and stand on their toes. 

But when the director asks a 10 year old girl and ones that are younger to do activities as a girl, they show strength and determination. For young girls, being a girl is a thing to be proud of, they don’t care whether a boy is faster or stronger than them. They wake up each day knowing who they are and being confident within themselves.

The Always campaign is effective as it created had a strong presence online which made people stop and notice the issue. A video is easy to share through social media and anyone can watch it. More and more people shared the video and it became a talking point, though there was a lot a clickavisium surrounding the issue as well. 

Always wanted to raise awareness of the pressures that young girls face being called out by their gender, as though it is a bad thing to be so. When they know it isn’t and wished to make everyone else realise so too. So when a girl runs like a girl, throws like a girl or fights like a girl, they will do it being proud that they are a girl. 

The Queen herself
The Queen herself


Bell, Dittmar BT H 2011, ‘Does Media Type Matter? The Role of Identification in Adolescent Girls’ Media Consumption and the Impact of Different Thin-Ideal Media on Body Image’, Sex Roles, vol. 65, pg. 478-490


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