The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence

The walled garden that Apple has put in place to make sure their brand name remains secure has meant that their products are extremely limiting for their consumers in terms of personalisation. But Apple products still remain extremely popular. Often I believe for the type of person that is associated with Apple.

iPhones are one Apple product that every person aged 8 to 60 appears to own. 

But this is changing. Consumers are changing their mobile phone buying habits towards Android based phones. These type of phones allow for an open platform which can be styled by the user in almost any way they wish. Apple keeps their users in a very small, walled garden. While Android allows their users access to vast fields. 

Regardless of whether a person is an Apple or Android user, there is a reason for the increase in mobile phone interest. Currently there is mass growth in how consumers are accessing their internet. This is particularly evident in developing countries where there was a skip in technology which lead to people using their phones to access the internet more. 

So the clash between Apple or Android comes down to what each individual consumer wants from their device. Because they both offer access to this growth of internet on mobile devices.


2 thoughts on “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence

  1. Loved the beginning title, really caught my eye to come read. It is quite true strangely, a lot of people prefer Apple products due to the fact that it is so simple yet no full way to customise. As an Android user myself I believe that this feature is why people want more of the android feel because Apple consistently brings out new phone over and over. And you are completely right, ‘Apply keeps their users in a very small, walled garden.’

    It is so interesting and well done that you have narrowed down on the source of why people are so fascinated by phones and I never saw it in the way of internet use. It makes sense how I went from a small Nokia that had a small screen and flimsy buttons to a Samsung touchscreen phone with a massive screen. Well done.

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