‘Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth’

‘Against brute force and injustice the people shall have the last word, that of victory’ – Che Guevara  

To change politics the people in power and be the ones to do so. Ordinary citizens may be able to overthrow a dictatorship, but there will soon be another rigged election. Small countries rules by an iron fist are often the place of political unrest. Within the last 10 years the rise of social media becoming accessible in countries facing political unrest, has meant the message been able to get to the rest of the world. 

The most recent and prominent with lasting effects is the Arab Springs in Egypt. Due to unrest amongst people about politics, the youth of Egypt and surrounding countries started posting videos and creating hashtages such as #arabsprings. Bloggers protesting such as Asmaa Mahfouz and Tawakkol Karman have become the faces of the people wanting change. Defying the fact that they are women in societies well known for the oppression of women, they are using social media such as Youtube and blogging to bring the injustices in their respected countries to light.

But does this online presence work in changing politics? Yes in some cases and no in others. Politics, especially corrupt politicians, will always have the dominate power within their country. But it is the collective voices of the people demanding freedom and justice that ultimately shifts the political power. Power to the people.


3 thoughts on “‘Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth’

  1. Great blog!

    I really agree with your statement “it is the collective voices of the people demanding freedom and justice that ultimately shifts the political power”. Contemporary social media is a tool that allows ‘ordinary people’ to speak their minds in relation to a particular political or social issue. The Internet has been heralded as an “effective weapon of the weak and disenfranchised against their authoritarian leaders”.
    This is a great source you may want to take a look at, which further discusses many of the relevant themes you have mentioned in this blog.


  2. Yes I agree it is the ‘collective power’. It’s just like the saying ‘Bridges made of pebbles’ from last week’s topic. One tweet protesting against the government is not going to create any effect or value, but with the multitudes of tweets, comments, social media posts that create an uprising – then that’s something the governments should fear.

  3. The existence of hashtag is quite useful to some extent since we are able to obtain a sea of information immediately and get more detailed news article based on an event by typing the keyword with the “#” symbol. For instance, Twitter provides immediate and real time information for people to learn about the latest updates on the event when the mainstream media failed to provide credible reporting. Meanwhile, citizen journalists are able to report online with no news filtration by the gatekeepers. Although social media plays a significant role in this century, and people starting to aware on the possibility of major media distributors siding toward political parties, individuals or organizations, I feel like it still takes time to change the politics in the society.

    I believe that corruption is built for a few decades or centuries perhaps; however, social media empowers us to maximize the transmission of information over cyberspace in an unstoppable and unpredictable way. But still, it takes time to stop political corruption, let’s face the fact, those corrupt politicians have the power to do whatever they want, and we are just people, not a Batman or a Superman. But I agree with you that the collective voices of the people can help to demand freedom and justice that will someday shifts the political power.

    I am a positive-minded girl; nonetheless, do you think that the political corruption will not be stopped because of the greed of mankind? Well, I feel like as a leader, you have to think of your people, provide them a comfortable and good life, etc. instead of making people suffering in life just due to they cannot pay their bills, etc. whilst the leader enjoys a prosperous great life.

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