‘The Anti-Cool Girl’ by Rosie Waterland

The funniest and most thought provoking book I’ve read this year. Rosie Waterland may have had one of the crappest childhoods, but she’s managed to turn her life around while maintaining a unique perspective and a sense of humour.

The thing that touched me the most from Rosie’s book was her struggle with mental illness. When she was refused help at a public hospital, when she was put on medication that changed who she was and where she ended up in a mental institution hit home hard for me. Her honesty of how shit and amazing it ended up being was something that I could finally relate to. It’s only when you’ve hit rock bottom more times than you care to count, that you can really work out what you need to do to not make it a 99th time.

Rosie really showed me that success isn’t determined on how many awards you’ve received or where you went to school. Instead it’s about how far you’ve come, and how hard you work. And to always be proud of your achievements.

‘So, after three and a half weeks in the mental institution (most of which I spent trying not to get killed in the dinner line), I got out of bed, brushed my hair and told them I wanted to leave. I was going to conquer life! I was going to be like Winona Ryder at the end of that movie where she was nuts! I was going to be like an female character who finds herself at the end of any feel-good movie! I was going to get my damn shit together!’

Ahaha, sadly that is not how life works. You’re going to fall down more times than you manage to stand (often in heels that make you walk like a baby giraffe) but you seem to learn more being on the ground that you do looking down on others.

I absolutely recommend reading ‘The Anti-Cool Girl’, even if it’s just for tips on how to survive in the lunch line without getting stabbed and your food stolen by a teenage delinquent.


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