Giving Up sugar, One Teaspoon at a Time

This isn’t going to be another health blog. There’s approximately 75000 of them already online.

I’m going to be talking about the 3 months that I gave up sugar. I learnt several things with this experiment, the most important being it is in fact possible to do so.

I gave up sugar for a number of reasons, the main one being controlling my anxiety. And it defiantly worked to some degree.

The hardest thing about giving up sugar was finding places to eat out at that didn’t have foods or drinks that were too sweet. I also gave up alcohol and caffeine which was much easier to do.

A sweet treat, Greek yoghurt, raspberries and crumble
A sweet treat, Greek yoghurt, raspberries and crumble

Eating out for dinner and lunch were rather easier than morning or afternoon tea. It seems every option is either a cake or a smoothie packed with sugar.

When it came to treating myself on occasions, having some sugary was a real hit to the system.


So what did I eat?

I thought before I began that my diet would become quite limited. But surprisingly it wasn’t so. I already didn’t get too much ‘junk food’, so once that became eliminated I only had to stop opting for the sweet option while going out. I cooked a lot more snacks for myself and ate a lot more fruit and yoghurt to taste something sweet. I always seem to be craving salty foods, so eating more savoury defiantly worked in my favour (flavour!).

Would I do it again?

A resounding yes. I would absolutely give it up again and I plan to do so while I’m on mid semester break for uni. Not eating sugar apart from natural sugar such as fructose in fruit was surprisingly easy and something I defiantly will do again.


3 thoughts on “Giving Up sugar, One Teaspoon at a Time

  1. I am finishing my first month of sugar free eating. It started out as a challenge between a mate and myself, now I feel like I should carry on, and all the posts I come across (yours included) help me with this decision. Thanks for your post.

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