My Favourite Youtubers

I remember the first time I ever watched a Youtube video. It was a Potter Puppet Pals one with my sister, and being the snazzy generation that we are at technology we did not understand that videos were meant to load until it was explained to us by a friend. 8 years ago Potter Puppet Pals was the first video that capitatived my attention for Youtube. And it has not let go of it since.

My subscription list could be described as an alternative beauty/food/inappropriate humour with the finishing credit from documentaries about crime and extraordinary lives of people.

What began with watching sock puppets has gone onto include tutorials for transforming yourself into a Disney Princess with just make up, how to make a 7 tiered cake, Jenna Marbles worldly advice mixed with Superwoman’s high jinks and documentaries on some of the most fascinating (in my opinion) and twisted minds of criminals.

One if most favourite things about Youtube is the suggested videos. I’ve gotten some pretty odd ones but my favourites would have to be ‘How to get a boyfriend’ and ‘How to get a sugar daddy’….

Yes I don’t know why, but apparently if you watch a lot of make up tutorials Youtube must think I’m looking for love. Or money.

I can’t talk about Youtube though without mentioning John Oliver. The man who has become the light of my university days. Someone who always has the knack to make any topic understandable and humorous when a lot of the time it isn’t.

Her are some of my all time favourite Youtube videos:

So here’s the weird, the wild and the wacky.

What are yours?


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