An Internet Never Forgets

The architecture of the internet allows everyone to access everything as the nodes share it everywhere. This means the internet is made up of huge amounts of information that is stored forever. As it is cheaper to store than to delete. 

The majority of this information are copies. And they want to be free. 

This information though is also our personal data. What you do online is all recorded and stored as data. Including personal which can be accessed. 


‘The Fappening’ occurred in 2014 where several celebrities iClouds were hacked, having their private photos leaked. This can happen to anyone. When out photo is taken usually we behave a certain way, but private images leaked means we are completely vulnerable. Who is recording your information is not easy to discover, it could be anyone from your internet provider to the platform the content is on.

Being able to be traced anywhere or have your most private and intimate details reordered without your knowing is a worrying thing. Not knowing you is doing this is also extremely scary.  Such as China hacking into america’s Government systems. 

The internet may have the default to record and save instead of delete, but who is seeing all of the information.

I don’t want the world know know how many times I’ve Googled how to draw the perfect winged eyeliner and pictures of puppies. 


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