Siri, Search, Can You Stop Telling Me What To Do Please

The Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses the entirety of devices that connect the world around us. And there are many of them. Phone, computers, robots, smart devices are all apart of IoT. Think about how many you have of them within our house. Now picture them having access to all of your information. Ranging from what your bank account numbers are to what you Googled last Tuesday night at 11.42 p.m.

Pretty terrifying right?

What is more scary to note is that it is not just these handheld devices that are apart of the IoT. Any physical object can be apart of it. By being connected to the internet, they become sociable and aware of what is occurring around them. By having this ability they are able to collect data that can predict our future behaviour. Much like how Flybys uses your information to target ads that may interest specifically you based on your purchasing history.

Much like there are more sheep than people in New Zealand and more chickens and ants than people in the world. There are more devices connected to the internet than people populating the earth.

This could go either way. There may end up being a world domination of robot chickens or ants (Ant movie people), or the extreme amount of technology will continue to grow. The effects of which will ultimately become apparent in everyday life for most people.

It is rather overwhelming to realise that technology could one day really be the future of everything.

Coming home to a futuristic house where everything is controlled by a computer may be exciting at first but would it be worth it? Humans are quite capable to make decisions, would a machines having access to absolutely every single detail of the world be really beneficial?

I argue no. Though there is always a place for technology and computers, but there is also a place for humans to belong in power. 

Think of this robot chickens next time the fridge doesn’t bring you dinner. 

Good Guy Greg Computer Source:
Good Guy Greg Computer

One thought on “Siri, Search, Can You Stop Telling Me What To Do Please

  1. Firstly robot chickens! Thats fantastic…
    I think this weeks topic is insane, the way that technology can take over the world is amazing, and the fact that we have so much power in creating technology, i think also means we transfer that power on to it. I do think humans need to be in power because technology and the web, cannot ‘feel’ well not yet anyway! So humans have a much better understanding of emotional intelligence.
    Great blog post!!

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