You can Buy a Bigger Ass

Last week I wrote about how individuals use their skills to ‘break’ the internet. With a lot of less ass than Kim Kardashian to do so, by releasing information that governments go to great lengths to protect. 

This week I shall describe how individuals use the internet is not release government information but personal details of citizens. 

The illegal purchase of information from hackers on the dark side of the web is a phenomena that is growing.

The Deep Web is where the weird, wild, wacky and highly illegal trading, selling and information is stored. Once you enter the Deep Web you are sucked into a black hole of nope.

Botmasters from countries across the globe, though Russia is a prime example, sell information such as credit cards, fake doctor degrees, bank details, human organs, weapons and people. 

The Dark Web is defiantly a place that you do not wish to be in.


So how does it feel to know that it is not only the government that has access to all your online activity, but that ordinary people, criminals, are able to access the same amount of personal information of yours. Does it make you more wary of your online activity?

Finally entering the Deep Web is a scary thing to do. It’s not something to have a play around with, it is a business as its core. Humans for trade, alive and dead, drugs, weapons and money are all there. 

Are all of those things you want to play with?


2 thoughts on “You can Buy a Bigger Ass

  1. Your post does serve as a great warning for people who think that there’s no harm in casually ordering illicit drugs or steroids over the internet.
    I wonder how at risk those of us are, who don’t engage in such questionable activities that lead into deepweb. It is a scary place where the underworld operates. One wrong move can equal stolen identity, bankruptcy or even death.

  2. We all know that everything on the internet is under control and once an image is uploaded to the internet, it does not belong to us anymore but the big data on the internet. Thus, it is utterly dangerous for us to submit our personal data online because hackers might be able to obtain it by using those hacking software. I always feel like we should learn to protect our personal data, and never trust any software or application which promised us they will protect our private information with strong encryption. I guess this is why I never do online shopping because I always feel so insecure due to I often think that my information will be leaked. Hence, if I can accomplish anything by myself without giving my personal data, I will never finish them via internet.

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