For The Love Of Make Up

To myself make up is not just a way to cover up, it’s a way of expressing myself.

And it takes a lot of work. I appreciate it when I see people who have their foundation blended perfectly into their jaw lines, their eyebrows filled in and shaped and eyeliner so on point that the wings could make them fly away.

It takes a lot of practice and effort to make make up be art on a face. And so why should people be told to stop wearing so much make up?

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 10.39.26 am

My favourite response to this is that boys don’t want girls with full faces of make up, because it tricks them. Sorry, but if someone thinks gold eyelids are real, then they shouldn’t be dating anyone until they figure out the real truths of the world.

It’s not just females though that wear make up. Men do too, and that’s not just for theatrical or entertainment purposes. If you want to see some majestic make up go to a MAC counter and see the men who work there. That is art on a face.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 10.36.45 am

So despite the fact that me up makes people feel good about themselves, people also don’t wear it and feel good about themselves.

It’s a personal choice and there is nothing wrong with either.

The stigma surrounding how to look on social media means people feel pressured to put their literal game face on. And when they don’t, things turn nasty.

Youtube beauty blogger My Pale Face (Em) released a video earlier this year detailing the comments she receives on social media about her bare vs. made up face.

The comments speak for themselves.

So why the hate when Em isn’t wearing make up, but the mistrust when she does?

Make up isn’t about tricking boys to think that you look better. What it is about is making yourself feel good in another way of self expression. Much like clothing, tattoos, piercings or hair colour all of them represent who you are before any words are spoken.

I use all of the the above (apart from tattoos) to express who I am. I went through a phase earlier this year where I coloured my hair quite regularly very bright colours. Did it make me a juvenile delinquent? No.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 10.43.01 am

My epic mermaid hair

Did it make the way people perceive me as different? Yes.

But that didn’t worry me. I had customers at work who refused to be served by me and shop owners follow me through their store. But I wasn’t any different.

Same as when I wear a full face of make up. I’m not trying to fool anyone, I’m doing it for myself. People should be able to feel comfortable to present themselves however they wish, bare faced or purple lipped.

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