Lala Land

Welcome to Television ladies and gentlemen.

Blood, sweat and tears. Not something you often associate with the glamorous life of celebrity and entertainment.

Television may seem glamorous, it’s anything but.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to intern at X Factor Australia recently and from the experience I learnt A LOT.

Television isn’t about one take. It’s a million different takes to get the one correct shot.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.03.15 pm
Vance Joy

Each department has to coordinate with each other to make each part work smoothly. Making the audience believe that the show is created by a team of fairies.

The behind the scenes people are the ones that really make the show shine.

Lightening, camera crew and the art department need to coordinate to make the timing of every movement on stage captured perfectly.

It really is quite amazing to see it all come together. For example the team that decides on how the stage will look for each song has to coordinate with the art department, wardrobe, lighting crew, stage crew, camera crew and music department. This then all has to be approved by the judge and producers before it goes ahead.

For X Factor Australia the team behind all of the visual magic on stage is Square Division. Two guys who literally make their visions into reality. What begins as an almost impossible looking idea on a piece of paper comes together for an audience of over 1 million each week.

There were many high points of the experience, though the best one was being mistaken for a dancer for the show. #Gome because those girls are supreme athletes. The amount of hard work that goes into perfecting their routine is worth it for how amazing they look when they perform.

The low point of interning would be being thrown up on at a live show by an audience member. See show business is not all glamour. (The interns get to be in charge of the vomit.)

Although it proved to be very long hours, the majority spent of it on my feet, it’s defiantly something I want to continue.


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