This Months Addiction – November

He said ‘the secret is that you don’t

do anything you don’t like; you don’t

do anything you like, you only do

things you love. Life’s too short for

things you like, because you like too

much, so you’ve got to love it.’

       – Ray Martin

1. Minkpink

To say I’m addicted to beautiful clothes would be to put it kindly. This month my label I lusted over and bought several outfits from was Minkpink. An Australian brand creating a wardrobe full of colourful patterns and classic remakes. My favourites that I purchased were two dresses (always short dresses). A tropical red with a high neck and cut outs. Perfectly fitted and floaty.

Secondly the dream dress I’ve been looking for the past two Summers. Tied at the back of the neck, white with navy vertical stripes and my new second skin. Pretty sure I should have bought two.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 2.00.09 pm



2. Saying Yes and Going For A Whim

This past month I’ve had the opportunity to take on new opportunities work wise. Normally I’d limit how much I’d have to, to try and balance uni, social life and time for myself. But with uni finished fro the year I worked a lot more. And boy did I get to experience some of Sydney’s best. Although I look after children kids get to do some pretty cool things. My favourite thing would had to of been nannying at a birthday party that was wildlife themed. There were a keeper who bought lizards, pythons, birds, a tiny possum and a crocodile. I think the big kids were just as excited as the little ones!

3. Asking for Help

As much as I love clothes, I’m twice that amount stubborn. I will absolutely not ask for help unless I need it. Which does great for my self esteem, but not always the best from myself and others who offer. For me being independent is a way of being a strong person. And I always believed helping myself was helping others, by not asking for their time. Yet it was not until I had a very close friend told me when I push him away or don’t accept help when it’s offered that it hurt his feelings. Which made me think, I should ask for help instead of making this difficult.

So I did. Not just from him, but from others as well. And it felt good.

4. Taylor Swift

My beautiful best friend from high school gave me an early birthday present of tickets to my fave girl, T-Swizzle. I couldn’t have asked for a better night or to spend it with anyone else. Taytay’s concert my perfect down to every last dance move. It was a theatrical mind explosion. Opening act was Vance Joy who I had already been lucky enough to see perform at X Factor. 76 000 people filled into ANZ Stadium, the largest audience she’s ever performed in front of.


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