The Power Of Pretty

Manicures and pedicures that have to match, 7 products to get the natural look each day, eyebrows being done every two weeks and spending more time that I like to admit looking at clothes.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 3.51.54 pm.png

These are some of the activities I do to make myself feel not only good, but presentable.

But why? I don’t really care what others think of how I look, I do it so I feel good about me. It is a lot of time I spend thinking about how to present myself, yet I enjoy doing it. Although I tend to follow the same equation for getting ready each day. My strict uniform so to say.

I only wear tight jeans, but with an oversized white T-shirt (always a boys one) to go with it. My shoes are either high or Converse and I always have my all seeing eye necklace on.

Is there a pressure to look good for others though? I would have to argue yes.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 3.58.28 pm.png

Recently I was at work experience working in the make up department and I had a contestant who is 29 speak to me about how there is a huge pressure to look good all the time now that she is in the public eye. I had to agree from seeing how much make up is put on for a quick public appearance. We went on to chat about the added pressure now from social media. Instagram in particular. Now I am a huge Insta user. It would easily be my favourite social media platform. But on there millions, yes literally millions of accounts are owned by teenage girls who post photos which are obviously for the likes. Which is nothing wrong with that. Except what is it doing to their self worth?

If they don’t crack 100+ likes do they feel still feel as good as if they had?

It’s a social media rule that you like your best friends selfies, but seeing other ‘regular’ girls on Instagram receive 5000 likes on a photo of themselves in they pyjamas makes you wonder. The age of celebrity also increased the pressure. But people have to remember it is their jobs to look they way they do. Especially models. But in saying so, they should not be criticised for looking the way they do. Such as Gigi and Kendal.

Being Insta famous isn’t really being famous, but in the mind of a girl getting her fake tan for $200 that’s a worthy title.

And I don’t blame her. It’s about making yourself feel good, and if that means others also acknowledge that then power to them. I like things on Instagram like it’s going out of fashion. If someone has their eyebrows so on point it hurts then I’d give them 10 likes if I could. You go you. Own that. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

The power of pretty is self empowerment. And I’ll continue to keep taking part in in. It isn’t self vanity, it’s self love.


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