Summer Bucket List Update

– Get a new job. Preferably my swimming teachers licence.

– Save money. I want to travel at the end of the year to see family. Also I want to send my parents on a well earned holiday. 

Tick. Have been working hard.

– Create. That means blogging weekly, including crossing off the Bucket List, painting and drawing.

I haven’t had the motivation to blog as much as I’d like too, but I have been creating lots of drawings.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 2.51.34 pm

– Swimming 5 times a week.

Haha running has replaced that at the moment.

– Actually doing yoga regularly. Haha this one is going to be the least likely to happen. But I shall try.

Half way there. Stretching counts right?

– Cooking. Keep making and expanding my cake vocabulary.

I have defiantly achieved this one! I was lucky enough to have received 5 cake baking books for my birthday. Combined that with holiday time there’s been plenty of opportunity to do so.

– Interning. Keep expanding my resume.

I still have 2 months left of Summer before uni begins so fingers crossed I can manage to cross everything off.


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