Your Image Has Been Uploaded

As the end of my Summer holidays comes to a close I’ve spent a few kilometres scrolling through people’s holiday Insta snaps. But after scrolling through Instagram this morning, including my own, I came to the realisation of why?

What’s the go with uploading only the very best moments of our lives? Why is a half O.K photo posted? To get likes? To show people we’re having a good time?

The Fear Of Missing Out (F.O.M.O) is very real. We’ve all felt it. There’s nothing like being at home on a Friday night exhausted after the week and then seeing the posts of people out.

Yet I have to question what do we all get from that? Is there a great satisfaction by showing everyone the supposedly wonderful lives we all lead?

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 5.05.32 pm.png
Probably my favourite Instagram post

So I have decided to challenge myself. For the rest of the year. To only post pictures that really mean something to myself. Not because everyone looks good on a night out, but to memorialised a special occasion.

To govern this at the end of each month I will be scrolling back through my Instagram account to delete any pictures I don’t feel are right for me.

Here’s the link to my Insta account: 

Wish me luck!


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