Cyborgs Pt. 2

Apon conducting research into cyborgs, I came across the highly skeptical practice of biohacking.

Biohacking differentiates from cyborgs in that most of biohacking is not approved. Although cyborg is still a term that the public tends to not use due to misconceptions about what they exactly are. Though there are some people with implants that call themselves cyborgs. And are proud to be known as that.

Now I am not completely familiar with cyborgs and the culture surrounding them, as the further I’ve researched, the more complex the topic appears to be. So with the knowledge I have obtained from my research I will be making my Youtube videos into a mini information series about the culture.

Some ideas I am thinking for topics include:

– What is a Cyborg?

– The Rise of the Cyborg

– Modern Day Cyborg

And more ideas when they come to mind!


One thought on “Cyborgs Pt. 2

  1. Cyborgs are something that I’ve had brief experience within first year of university when I 3D printed parts for a prosthetic hand. The project was to explore the parameters of which the costs for a regular prosthetic hand could be outmatched by that of a 3D printed one. What I discovered whilst researching some of the ethical considerations of the practice was this idea of human enhancement. It came about when I was thinking how I could expand the hand with mods allowed by a 3D printer could be added to mine. The idea of inbuilt wifi, bottle opener or even interchangeable coloured hands crossed my mind, which after looking into crossed into cyborg theory. The video I made ( shows a humorous take on the possibilities a new prosthesis would allow a person, but what I discovered was that if all these features are given to someone with the technology, perhaps the regular human hand is considered a hindrance. Obviously this is an extreme case, but with your topic of cyborgs “The idea of ‘repairing’ humans, medical implants more sensitive than our natural, human faculties and even non-medical implants raise a lot of ethical questions,” ( A very interesting take on cyberculture, and in terms of understand my own projects, I look forward to your results!

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