Summarise – Cyborgs

I have to admit that my previous two blogs I was not entirely sure with what I’m doing fro my final assignment. But after reading the comments on my blog and taking advice from Chris I have a clear directory.

Over the past four years I’ve loved that I’ve learnt so many new and interesting things from digital media at uni. So instead of sticking to something I know for this assignment, I decided to go with something I didn’t know too much about. And that is why I chose cyborgs.

As someone who loves to watch movies new and old, I’ve seen a fair few involving technology, specifically cyborgs.

And I find them so interesting and wish to learn more about them.

So that’s what I’m doing with this assignment.

Although cyber culture is so large and encompasses a lot, I’m only going to focus on one aspect of it. That being cyborg in entertainment, and also ‘real life cyborgs’. People who have had modifications to their bodies and refer to themselves as cyborgs.

The above source contains many different types of ways being a cyborg can be incorporated into someones life. It is quiet amazing the things that have been made possible.

My Youtube mini series will be exploring cyborgs, hopefully my first video will be done in the next week.


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