N.S.F.W Cyborgs

As I’ve researched more and more into cyborgs and biohacking I’ve come to realise just how big they can potentially become in our society.

Although there is some biohacking; or wetware; that seems a little ridlicious and not likely to take off in the near future for a main stream audience. There is already a lot of cyborg based applications already occurring. Which in my opinion can only become greater and more enhanced.

Bionic eyes and was to allow those without those senses to see and hear, prosthetic limbs giving people the ability to walk, run and catch a ball. To become who hey were before the accident that took it away. Or to live their life to the fullest if they were born without them.

Great things have come from people who have cyborg enhanced features. Olympic athletes, scientists, dreamers and creators are all exploring and expanding their ideas. Creating biohacking tools to help enhance humans.

I believe that biohacking should be accessible to anyone who needs it to function to their full potential. What I don’t agree with is the extreme lengths people go to in backyard chop shops to enhance their sexual pleasure with a dildo implanted in them.

The ability to walk and see again someone is a lot more appealing.

Here is my second video on Cyborgs, specifically that of Rick Lee, a man who in my opinion has gone too far.


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