The Past Year

‘Speak up if your voice trembles, for soon it shall turn into a roar.’


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Inspirational AF picture 



I haven’t blogged for the past few months. A combination of writers block, lack of time and re-writing this piece about 17 000 times.


2015 was the most challenging year I’ve yet to face. And I sincerely hope I never face one like it again. Though it wasn’t just myself which faced trials.


Losing someone you love.


Friendships failing.


Medical treatments not working.


And more moments of self doubt than are considered alright.


But despite these mishaps many a lessons have been learnt. Mostly, for myself at least, is to listen to yourself and go with your gut feeling.

I’m a big believer that each individual knows what’s best for themselves.


Always follow your feelings for something, whether it’s everyone popular opinion or not. Of course always follow sound advice. But truth be told you always know how you feel best.


This post is full of clichés like follow your feelings and be yourself and blah, blah, blah. But when things get tough listen to yourself. Work hard to cultivate your beliefs. For at the end of the day you’re the one let with your choices.


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