On Fleek

Walking into Sephora recently, I was overwhelmed with the options. To me that place is heaven on Pitt St. There is so many different products, colours, scents, shades and new beauty innovations. It’s crazy to think that people create all these new products.

But despite all the wonder that make up and beauty brands offer, there is some darker issues surrounding them. And no, I’m not talking about Kylie Jenner’s new gloss coming out later this month. #goals

I was doing my usual beauty tutorial binge earlier this week, watching one after another. What else am I meant to be doing on holidays? And of course on YouTube the comment section proved to be just as informative as the video.

After watching a tutorial and the YouTuber endorsing a certain brand as she does in every video, it was drawn to my attention by other viewers of the ethics surrounding brands and their prices.

This eventually lead me to YouTuber Stephanie Nicole. Now Stephanie caught my attention with her honesty, professionalism within the beauty industry and evidence to back up her claims. In a particular video which I’ll link in down below, she discusses private-label products.


Now private-label products are much like food in the supermarket, most packaged foods are made at the same factory, they simply are then sold under different brands. Some asking more than others.

Now being a beauty addict, I’ve seen a fair few new brands come out over just the past year. It seems there’s always a new vegan brand or sun safe foundation on the market. These brands start out as small ventures, not everyone with a beauty idea has Miranda Kerr’s money to launch a beauty line from the ground up as she did with KORA.

So smaller brands when they begin private-label their products. Essentially a company contacts a larger brand who has their own factory that manufacturers their own products. The small brand then requests to have their name printed on the products produced by the larger brand. Therefore essentially paying to have a product made for them with their specifications, but selling under their name.

Often once brands grow, they stop private-label practices and build their own factories and produce their products.

Private-labelling is legal. There is nothing wrong with small brands getting some help to break into an industry already saturated with some many products. What is important to remember though that it is so, so important to know where your products come from. Make up goes on the largest organ you have, your skin. What you put on it effects your whole body. It’s also good to remember that while doing your research, to see what other brands are produced by the same factory, often the original brand will be the cheapest.

So go out there and colour your world, just be mindful of who you buy from. Education is the biggest key to eyebrows on fleek.


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