Wk 1 – Mental Health

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One in five adults will experience mental health issues in their lifetime. But five in five adults has mental health that needs to be looked after. Mental health issues are extremely important to myself, an issue that is close to my heart.


Growing up I had friends battle mental health issues which was hard for me to understand at times because let me tell you, until you face them it’s difficult to understand why sadness is present.


When I was 18, in my first year of uni with everything going for me, I had my first panic attack. From there came the anxiety (a worry that a sink hole will open up and eat me is a real fear), the depression (why am I like this?), the medication (one that made my heart beat so fast I thought I was having a heart attack), self harm (make sure you eat people), hospitalization, out patient programs, C.B.T classes (with a room full of strangers, nothing like sharing your biggest secrets with a 50 year old grandma who loves to knit) and the struggle to understand why this happened to me.


I still don’t know why or what caused my first panic attack. The best numerous doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists can give me is that all the happy chemicals in my brain just stopped working.


So with my experience in dealing with mental health issues and exercises supposedly to help relax my state of mind, my first week of my assignment will be focused on mental health.


I’ll be doing a combination of C.B.T exercise, mediation and a gratitude journal. All of these exercises have been proven in some people to increase positive vibes and mental health.


So let the first week begin! I’ll be vlogging throughout the week and at the end I will upload it and give my thoughts.


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