No Fighting, Akira, Akira

Looking back at my previous blog post since learning more over the weeks since, I have defiantly unearthed more about Japanese media and gained a greater understanding of it.

Japanese culture is so diverse, but still holds onto some of its traditional values. Which was extremely evident in ‘Akira’. The way women are treated in the film is so different to ‘Godzilla’. Considering there are several decades between the two, you would think that the sexism would be more evident in ‘Godzilla’, except this was not the case. ‘Akira’ was ripe with sexism and violence against women. There was explicit violence not just towards women but also the physical surroundings in the film.

Which was interesting to me again. ‘Godzilla’ showed great concern for the environment which was ground breaking for the time. Post World War II Japan was still recovering from the effects of the nuclear attacks which was described in the film. When it came to destroying Godzilla the effects of nuclear bombs was debated with the opposition being concerned about the fallout effects.

Back to my first blog post on autoethnographics. I was excited to learn more about Japanese media. Their media produced and distributed covers so many tastes. There is honestly so much for people to see and experience. From what I’ve watched so far there are some aspects of culture that Japanese media like to push the limits of. I am not alone in this view as when my class watched ‘Akira’ people were tweeting their reactions towards women in the film.

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To be honest without giving too much away, the way women were treated in the film was disgusting. It was defiantly a film about dystopia and boys with their bikes. The film was made in 1998, so not at a time when women had no rights.

It will be interesting to see how women are treated and portrayed in current and upcoming Japanese media.


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