Bachie is Confused

There’s nothing quite like some Bachelor therapy for hump day. Those mid-week feels where some trash to watch is required.

I’m not ashamed to say that I like to indulge in watching 22 women fight over one man who can’t string a sentence together.

But lo and behold, the most recent season of the Australian Bachelor there has been one girl who has not given one single fuck. And it has been brilliant to see.


Olena is not just a beauty, she is smart and knows how to play the game. She made it to the final three, before Bachie threw a tanty because she wouldn’t gush all over him. Dropping this glorious line of mega truths:


‘I see that as a huge mess for me.’




This is going to be my life quote forever. Olena is the real winner of it overall.


SEE YA BACH, it’s been real.


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