Before I dipped my toes into the food ‘hack’, I thought I’d begin with one I’d previously done before. No sugar. Successfully as well!

Now before I begin I’d like to outline what is classified as no sugar or sugar free. Fruit is still allowed, meals I don’t cook where ingredients contain some sugar as also accepted. What I’m not allowed to eat are processed sweet foods such as lollies, chocolate (dark allowed), sauces, baked goods, desserts, ice creams, etc. Basically anything that if i ate enough of it, it would give me diabetes.

I have two of Sarah Wilson’s ‘I Quit Sugar’ cookbooks which i regularly get recipes from, so adapting this change is not too difficult. Sarah focuses more on eliminating unnatural sugars, while not restricting ones calorie or good fat intake, something I have tried to maintain in my diet.

As always I will vlog at the end of the week my experiences.


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