Let’s Go Shopping

‘The Japanese approach on western fashion heavily contradicts principles that are deeply embedded in western designers’ imagery – a feature that had just as much potential of triggering a culture clash as of setting off a cultural revolution.’

Following on from my last blog post, I have researched further into Japanese Fashion. The impact that it has on Western clothing was one area of research that kept arising. I’m not going to change my initial research areas, but will continue to reference back to how Japanese fashion also influences Western fashion.

The above quote comes from ‘Japanese Design in Western Fashion The Three Japanese Designers Who Changed The Fashion World’. I find this to be incredibly interesting as although I’m researching how Western culture has access to Japanese fashion. Japanese designers influence Western clothing choices already. Fashion inception one could describe it as.

As stated in ‘Autoethnography: An Overview’, an autoethnography is described as analysing a personal experience to understand a cultural experience. So my autoethnography experience is documenting and analysing how people in Western countries have access to Japanese fashion and how they present that.


My assumptions include:


  • Purchasing authentic Japanese branded clothing is difficult to do so in Western stores
  • Most clothing is either replicates made by people (e.g. cosplay) or purchased online
  • Some aspects of Japanese fashion remain just in Japan, e.g. the school girl uniform
  • Western people put their own spin on Japanese fashion they appropriate

So with these assumptions in mind I will be doing blog posts that follow a format. Firstly, I will find an image depicting a Japanese fashion trend. Then I shall research the clothing and see if I am able to purchase it within Australia. I shall also research into what other people’s experiences have been in accessing Japanese fashion.




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