I thought I’d finish off my health food ‘hacks’ with the one that has people divided the most, being vegetarian! Originally I was going to try being vegan, but well cheese… and before I get hate for not being able to stick to 5 days of being vegan, it is due to dietary issues. So the next best thing was going vegetarian for 5 days. Also with the vegan life I tried to drink almond milk, and no thanks.


Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 12.13.29 pm.png
The greatest misconception, which I will discuss in my blog post. Source:




The rules for the vegetarian week are:

  • no red meat, white meat or fish
  • dairy allowed
  • lots of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • try and have tofu for a meat substitute
  • can’t just eat rice and beans or pasta if things get desperate
  • look into social media accounts that promote a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle for ideas and recipes. Also to see if it is possible to live that way (the whole point of the project)


Trying to have an open mind is the main point of me trying out this lifestyle. Testing whether being vegetarian is doable (which I know it is), but I, a meat lover, is able to go a week not eating it and wanting to sell my soul for a burger.


As always I will blog at the end of the week with my thoughts. 🙂


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