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Welcome back to my health ‘hacks’ blogs. This past week I quit sugar, and oh boy! What a week it was. Firstly I want to say that it is not nearly as hard to quit sugar as people make it out to be. Although we live in a world where practically everything in a packet has too much sugar in it, it is possible to do it! How do you think people with diabetes live?! They can eat almost anything, but just have to be careful. So I followed my Mum’s lifestyle who has type 1 diabetes and managed to be just fine!


How you think your body will feel after 24hrs of no sugar


I’ve decided to do something different with my recaps of the week. Instead of filming a video I think I will just wrote a blog again. This way I can get my thoughts across in order and also post links much easier.

So I began my no sugar week by going grocery shopping. It was pretty easy planning what I wanted to eat for the week. My main concern were snacks (which TBH should be everyone’s main concern all the time when shopping). So instead of grabbing a sweet treat I baked myself using rice malt syrup instead of sugar, making pancakes with just oats, cinnamon, banana and some milk. I tend to not eat dressings or sauces on my food anyway so that already removes a lot of hidden sugars.




I have followed a very strict no sugar diet before for approximately 4 months. I not only cut out sugar but also alcohol, caffeine and processed foods. While on this very strict diet I cooked all of my own food, did not eat out and kept a food diary each day. Though it was interesting to see how different your body feels when cutting out so much processed foods, I would not recommend someone living that way.

Sarah Wilson is the queen of the ‘I Quit Sugar’ movement and it was her books I turned to again and again through those 4 months, and once again for my revisiting of the week of no sugar.

A usual day of eating ‘no sugar’ went a little like this:

Breakfast: 2 servings of fruit, piece of toast with peanut butter

Snack: multigrain crackers and cheese

Lunch: salad sandwich on multigrain bread with chicken

Dinner: Pasta with tuna and spinach mixed through

Dessert: there was no dessert… Nah, lots of yoghurt

So although this doesn’t appear to be the most exciting of meals by adding lots of herbs and spices main meals can become very delicious. While snacks are where most people get caught up on what to eat. It just takes preparation as does any diet. I know that no sugar is possible long term as I have completed it.

P.S I recommend everything give quitting sugar a real go. The way your body feels is amazing and you’ll look back and wonder why you ate so much in the first place.




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