Jennifer Paio – How to Make Yourself Employable


The main aim of Jen’s e-journal was, To provide an informative yet engaging tool to help graduates/ job seekers/young professionals learn more about how others have succeeded in their creative jobs, how they themselves can be the best they can and increase their chances of employability and how passions and dreams can be turned into a viable reality.’

This idea to not just help herself in getting a job, but others shows how Jen was thinking outside of the box when it came to her assignment. Realising that there is a large market for potential employees, and by creating context for them to access is hitting two main areas. Firstly showing employers that she knows how to create content that people want to access, and secondly by creating a demand for her portfolio of work. It is so important to be able to to individualise yourself as a brand, and Jen’s way of creating an e-journal has done that.

I enjoyed watching Jen speak to the class of her idea and the implementation of it. You could clearly see it is a topic she is passionate about. Jen reached out to have a meeting with Zanna Elliott, a careers consultant at the University of Wollongong. Zanna specialises in graduate career development and employability. The two main areas Jen was focusing on with her e-journal.


For the future of Jen’s e-journal before she wishes to publish it, there are three more articles in the works. These are job searching in the hidden market, networking and finally the importance of personal branding. I am mostly interested in the last one as having a personal brand seems to be the most important aspect of job hunting to me. Without having some sore of quality that separates you from the group, what makes you so employable? Jen’s idea to put an article in the e-journal about that shows she has thought the whole process of finding a job. That is is more than just handing out resumes.

Also I have a personal interest in Jen’s main target area for her e-journal. As someone who is interested in fashion and makeup, researching jobs in those fields proves to be quite a difficult area to infiltrate. So by having information from industry insiders in the one place covering a variety of topics shows that Jen knew what she wanted to achieve from the beginning.

I would like to see Jen publish the e-journal and keep the readers updated on her own journey into finding employment in their the cosmetics or fashion industry. Whether the information she was given worked. That would be extremely useful for her readers.

One thing I would have liked to have seen more of was the e-journal in its final stages, seeing if there would be links or interactive parts of it. That would create more interest in the e-journal as if consumers are able to access a company’s ethics page or employment prospects, people will seek out the e-journal to gather all the information needed to apply for their dream job.

Visually Jen’s plans for the e-journal are very pleasing. Lots of bright colours and text laid out well. It is easy to read and understand, an issue that is important for people trying to understand complicated topics such as how to brand yourself the best way. The colours add a sense of playfulness to it, making it less overwhelming for the reader.

Anyone who has an interest in fashion or cosmetics knows of the heavily infiltration of celebrities from social media. Being an individual who does not have multi-million dollar contracts with a cosmetic company make a dream job at one seem out of reach. But all of those people began just like anyone else looking for a job, their difference is that they created their own form of personal branding.

From knowing Jen personally and following her project is has not just been a assignment she had to do for class, but also one to make herself a greater potential employee. By focusing on one main area of employment, fashion and beauty, she has managed to zone in on what they are looking for in those industries. Particularly the marketing and public relations are. These two areas are notorious in any industry in being difficult to break into, so by Jen taking the initiative to separate herself from the other people looking for jobs she has already shown future employers the skills she holds.

E-journals are easy to use and accessible for a large audience. They are more formal than a blog and can be used with some sort of ‘branding’. Also by having content online it is easy to update and create new content as often as the author likes without having to worry about the printing process of a magazine. Not to mention one’s audience is never ending when content is online.

Jen took the initiative to create something that was not previously done. By focusing on a small area of the job market that has great interest, she has a large audience already for her product. I would like the see the e-journal published and for it to become a regular things.


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