All That Is Grace

After researching two weeks into politics and fake news I have decided to investigate into a different direction. The idea of fashion was bought up in class and so I’ve decided to look into one of my personal fashion inspirations American Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington Smith.


While researching into heros in the field of fashion, photography is the obvious choice of medium. But to me Grace creates much more than just photographs. She herself is not a photograph but does create the spreads of the luxurious and gorgeous clothes each month in American Vogue. The art that is splashed across the pages of Vogue each month has fascinated me since I was 12 when I bought my first ever copy of Teen Vogue. I religiously purchased that magazine every month from my local newsagents, often receiving it a couple of months behind much like Grace did in her tiny north Welsh hometown as a teenager. It wasn’t until I was 15 that I started to purchase American Vogue and see the art Grace Coddington Smith created each month.

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In 1988 Coddington Smith became the Creative Director of American Vogue. She continued this role up until January 2016.

Grace is notoriously private and often refuses to do interviews, but has released several books including her memoir ‘Grace’ which I own and was able to gather a lot of information from. The other area where I have been able to get information on Grace and her practice is the documentary ‘The September Issue’. Filmed in 2009 the filming focused around the release of the September issue of Vogue, the largest issue of the magazine of the year.

I will be further researching where Grace gets her inspirations from for her editorials.


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