It’s called Fashun

When I began researching five weeks ago about what practice to conduct my research into that would influence my final project I was unsure.


I started with the idea of researching satire and how it influences art and help create it. Satire I believe holds a very important part in social commentary today, which is what I am very interested it. I would not describe myself as having one concrete skill from uni, more a large variety of interests and growing skills which I want to keep expanding and perfecting. Unlike doing a degree in marketing where there are set ways of doing something, a digital media degree has allowed me to trial out different areas of digital media. From coding to photography.


This is where I was having problems with satire and art, but in a way that I could create something involving the two. Banksy was the most well-known artist who used satire in his art in the public domain. My thought process on how to do what Banksy does short of copying him was not going very well. Banksy is extremely effective with this because it is his signature. Anonymously painting up stencils with political messages behind them in popular places, uncaught for years is not something easy to re-create.


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I decide to change my mindset of what I wanted to continue researching when the topic of fashion came up in class. I had previously done assignments on fashion looking into multiple areas of it, so decided to research it.


When researching satire and art, politics was a subject that continuously came up. So I decided to look into how politics and fashion combine.


Fashion and politics have gone hand in hand for a long time. Some of the better known political fashion campaigns include PETA and their anti-fur advertisements. PETA pushes the limits with their graphic campaigns, I was not interested in looking into that.


I am more interested in high fashion and the players surrounding that, rather than celebrity influence such as what PETA’s advertising campaigns hold. American Vogue is the beauty Bible for many, and Anna Wintor the Editor in Chief is seen as God in the fashion world. Her influence dictates global fashion trends for the coming seasons. Another person behind the scenes at Vogue is Grace Coddington-Smith. Much lesser known that Anna, but just as great of an influence.


So with my infuencer in mind, I kept researching politics and fashion. Most recently after Donald Trump was elected President of The United States not only did the public come out in protests against Trump, but also in the fashion world.


Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 10.31.34 pm.png


Prior to 2017 there has always been political protests through fashion and their designers. Clothing dictates so much about a person. Whether it is punk or prim and proper, what we wear communicates so much about a person before they speak. Fashion is global, it’s influence filters down to even those who think it’s silly or take barely any interest in it.



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