Project Pitch for Media Arts Project

‘Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.’ Bill Cummingham


Over the past six weeks I’ve researched two vastly different areas. Street art and satire, and fashion and politics. Two groupings which I am interested in both, but have ultimately decided to follow fashion and politics. I have previously done projects on fashion, so I know how versatile it can be for adapting to different assignment criteria’s. Fashion to me is a form of art, it can be present through a variety of different mediums, the most popular being photography. As much as that is a cliché. But people also write about fashion, just look beyond the glossy pages in magazines. It’s modelled, drawn and sketched out into art hung on walls, it’s worn to express ones self. Fashion is truly a great equaliser and divider in my opinion.


As is politics.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 10.48.53 pm.png

There is not time like that of 2017 where politics in the Western world is dividing people. American President Donald Trump is one of the most controversial people in politics at this present time. His relations with other countries, foreign policies and disregard for minorities are some of the reasons his name leaves such a bad taste in the mouths of those be looks down on. His opinions on minorities left a lasting effect on me long after I first heard them. For being a female is an undesirable thing in Trump’s eyes. Fashion fought back. Pink pussy hats were worn at fashion week along with numerous t-shirt slogans made and numerous well known global fashion designers choosing to not dress Trump’s wife. Or if she wore their clothing making sure the public knew they did not endorse the Trump administration. Large department stores in America also pulled Trump’s daughters clothing range from their stores.


Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 10.48.05 pm.png


Project Pitch: ‘Fashion is the armour to survive reality’


Exhibited: An open planned gallery space. White walls with plenty of natural light to juxtapose the artificial lighting used in fashion photography. Also to present the light shining on the truth uncovered in politics. Natural lighting will allow for easy viewing on the eyes and to make the space less intimidating to view images which may be difficult for some audience members to see.


Medium: A collection of photographs, drawings/sketches, clothing and video. No limit on timeline for how far back the political message can be. Can date back to the first time a bikini was worn on the beach and caused a politic disrupt on what was suitable for females to be wearing. Or when women in 1913 America decided that white was to be the colour to wear to represent the suffragists and again in 1978 at the Women’s Rights March in Washington. Hilary Clinton wore a white Ralph Lauren pants suit when she announced her nomination for a major party runner for president. The first woman to ever do so. And in the historic colour of white, so politically aligned with politics. Catwalk footage of fashion events such as Alexander McQueen in 1995 sending models down the runway battered, in a show often referred tone where the models appeared to have the look of someone assaulted. McQueen stating that is how society sees people, not how he does.



Aim of Project: To show the correlation between fashion and politics. Fashion is often seen as something so fickle and unserious by people. While politics has the opposite meaning. I want this project to show that fashion is not something frivolous, but in itself can be a political statement maker.


Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 10.47.39 pm.png


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